Nigel Rose FGPT

Born in 1950 – youngest son of the musician Bernard Rose and “Spitfire Woman” Molly Rose – Nigel has been Managing Director of his own business selling physical security products to Locksmiths since 1981. Whilst at a wedding with his wife in 2015 he experienced, at first hand, a truly bad performance of a Toastmaster and turned to his wife and said “I could do a  lot better than that myself” to which she replied “You could and you should”. Having researched Toastmaster training it became obvious that the best on offer was from the Academy of the Guild of Professional Toastmasters. In August 2015 he attended the course of the Academy of Professional Toastmasters and graduated. Nigel then went on observation to watch Fellows of the Guild  “at work” to further learn all the facets of the job. Suffice to say that after several observations of his own performance Nigel is due to become a Fellow of the Guild in March 2018.

One of the many skills that a Toastmaster must have is the ability to be heard and seen, Nigel is over 6 feet tall of big build and regularly sings with a choral society with a “basso profundo” voice, so is normally able to get the attention of people when required. At a recent dinner in London he had to get 1000 people seated for dinner on time and then introduce two co-hosts who were both BBC presenters and the guest of honour was none other than Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal!

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