Corporate Dinners

If you are organising a Corporate Dinner or any other kind of event and you would like it to run smoothly you need an experienced Professional Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies. Nigel Rose is fully trained to ensure that your event runs to time and that all your Guests are looked after in a Professional Manner. He has Toastmastered many events including one dinner where the guest of honour was Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal.

Nigel will arrive at the venue long before your guests start to arrive and will therefore be on hand to welcome them in his full livery. He will have made himself known to the Banqueting Manager to ensure that he/she is aware of all timings and any other special requirements for the event. Nigel will ensure that table plans are shown in a prominent position, where it is easy for guests to check their tables and know where they are sitting. Name cards will be checked to ensure that they are positioned correctly on the tables.

Nigel will make all announcements necessary for the entire event and will ensure that guests are always in the correct place at the correct time and then seated on time.

If you require a Formal Entry of the Top Table and Principal Guests Nigel will organise and ensure that announcements are correct. He will announce Grace and introduce the Loyal Toast if required and when it comes to the speeches he will ensure that all Pre-Ambles are correct and that all speakers receive the applause they deserve!

Nigel will happily organise any money raising activities that you require for Charity weather it is a raffle, auction, “horse racing” or any other kind of fund raising activity.

In conclusion if you want to take the pressure off your shoulders and ensure that your event is a great success contact Nigel and find out how competitive his fees are!

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