Masonic, Round Table and Rotary Evenings

Nigel has been fully trained to Toastmaster all of these kind of events and will ensure the evening is tailored to the unique requirements of the host organisation. It is essential that all the required information is made available to the Toastmaster prior to the event so that it can be properly planned from beginning to end. Nigel will normally attend a venue meeting prior to the event so that the requirements of the evening can be planned “on the ground”.

If a Formal Entry is required for the “Host” and principal guests this will be conducted professionally. Nigel can organise “taking of wines” for the Chairman or President at the correct moments during the meal and – of course – introduce the speakers with the correct pre-ambles. Since he has a “basso profundo” voice and sings regularly in a choral society the “ladies song” can be performed without accompaniment.

Nigel will happily organise any fund raising activities that you require for Charity weather it is a raffle, auction, “horse racing” or any other kind of fund raising activity.

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